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About the Lake Property Near Clarksville, VA

We offer properties on 2 different lakes near Clarksville, VA. The first body of water is Kerr Lake, which is sometimes referred to as Buggs Island Lake. The other is Island Creek Reservoir, which is adjacent to Kerr Lake. Contact us today for additional information about our waterfront real estate.

The Kerr Lake or Buggs Island Lake is the same lake. It is roughly split in half by the NC/VA border. Most people in NC refer to the lake as Kerr Lake, and those in VA generally call it Buggs Island Lake. Kerr Lake is huge, encompassing over 50,000 acres and over 800 miles of shoreline. The USA Corps of Engineers owns the land around the lake and manages it for flood control, recreation, and power generation. Only a small part of the undeveloped land on the lake is in the "green zone," which permits docks, access trails, and beach areas at the shoreline. All of the lands we offer are in the "green" or "yellow" zone. Both zones allow clearing specified in the Shoreline Management Plan with the Corps of Engineers.

Island Creek Reservoir is a very peaceful and quiet lake property, which has only 13 houses on it. It is locally referred to as the "Little Lake," but it is anything but little. However, besides Kerr Lake, almost any lake is small. This lake is about 2 miles long and has over 8 miles of shoreline. It is separated from Kerr Lake by a dam. You can't go between the lakes by boat, but that is what keeps the Little Lake so peaceful and quiet.

Beautiful View From the Waterfront Real Estate in Clarksville, VA

The water level of this lake is very stable, fluctuating only about 6 inches most of the time. Your property will extend into the lake water here and can have your own private dock, private beach, and private boat ramp. You can also build close to the water within the limits of a flowage easement acquired by the Corps of Engineers and the lay of the land. Each lot faces the water and has a beautiful sunset view.

Two Types of Lakefront Properties

You can choose between 2 types of lakefront properties as summarized below.

A Dog Loving the Private Lakefront Property in Clarksville, VA

Our Kerr Lake properties are lakefront home sites that are located about 5 miles south of Clarksville, VA. Each site has paved state road frontage, plus frontage on Kerr Lake. They also range in size from 5 to 8 acres.

The Island Creek lakefront properties are home sites that are located on the Island Creek Reservoir, which is a very private lake adjacent to Kerr Lake. These waterfront real estate lots are located in a very peaceful and quiet rural setting where nature abounds. One of the many advantages to these home sites and this lake is that you own the land into the water. Additionally, the water level is stable and only fluctuates about 6 inches most of the time, except in rare cases of unusually heavy rain. With access to beautiful sunset views over the water, our lakefront home sites range in size from 2 to 6 acres.