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Island Creek Reservoir in Clarksville, VA

Island Creek Lakefront Property near Clarksville, VA

This beautiful lake is unspoiled, undeveloped, undiscovered, and waiting for you! Each Island Creek lakefront property in Clarksville, VA, is filled with rich nature and beauty.

Visit an Island Creek Lakefront Property in Clarksville, VA


  • Easy Waterfront Living on a Very Peaceful & Quiet Spring-Fed Private Lake
  • Great Sunset Views Over the Water
  • Own into the Water with a Stable Water Level
  • Have Your Own Dock, Beach, & Launch Ramp
  • 2 to 6 Acre Lots with Easy-Owner Financing
  • The Lots Are Located in Vance County, NC


These multi-acre lots are located on the northwestern tip of Vance County, NC, in a community of 17 lots, which share about 4,700 feet of shoreline on Island Creek Reservoir. This reservoir is known locally as the "Little Lake." However, it is only little beside the monstrous Kerr Lake, which is adjacent to it. Anywhere else, it would be considered a big lake. It is over 2 miles long and has about 8 miles of shoreline.

This lake is unique in many ways. There is nothing like it anywhere in this area. Not only do you own into the water, which gives you true waterfront access, but the water level is normally stable, fluctuating only a few inches, unless there is a period of unusually heavy rain. This special place is about a mile from the nearest public road, assuring privacy and seclusion! Nature abounds here and on the hundreds of acres of our private land surrounding these Island Creek lakefront properties.

You own into the water here and can have your own private dock, beach, and launch ramp. Little Lake is separated from Kerr Lake by a dam, and you can't get to the big lake by boat. We live on Little Lake and look at this situation from the opposite point of view. This keeps the Little Lake peaceful and quiet, free from the hustle and bustle of the constant boat traffic on the Kerr Lake.

The property on the Island Creek Reservoir is very rare since it is truly right on the lake. Here, you will own to the water's edge and even under the water. Although this means that some of the land is underwater, it is very important to control the bottom under the property. If you don't own it, someone else does, as with most lakes owned by a power company or the government.

This is your land to do with as you please within government regulations that apply to all land and the USA flowage easement, which is in the History of the Lake document.

The lake has always been an unusual place of peace and quiet, and restrictions have been put in place to keep it that way. There are only a few houses on this lake at present, and large multi-acre lots will restrict the future development density of it. At one time, we owned all of the land around the lake and still own most of it. We intend to do everything we can to maintain the peace and serenity of it, and we have no plans to sell the hundreds of acres surrounding these lots and the lake. The pace is slow and easy, and most people have relaxing boats, such as low-powered fishing boats, skiffs, and even canoes or kayaks, to just putter around in the water. It is rare to see more than 2 boats on the lake at a time.

This is not a lake for people who want to fly around in fast boats or on water or jet skis. For those who enjoy these activities, there are several boat ramps nearby on Kerr Lake.

Since the lake is not easily accessible by the public, fishing pressure is very light. However, fishing on the lake is great with abundant quantities of bass, crappies, catfish, and other species that are native to this area.

Getting Here

These Mapquest directions should get you from where you are to the entranceway at 403 Rock Church Road. From there, take Lakefront Farms Road (a private gravel road) as it meanders up and down hills and through the woods for about a mile to the top of a hill at a crossroad. You will see yellows signs with red lettering directing you to Lots 15 - 17, which will be straight ahead, and Lots 1 - 14 will be to your left.

Each Island Creek property for sale has a sign near the middle of it with the lot number. All lot corners have surveyors irons in place and are marked with three-foot stakes with the lot numbers on them. The side lot boundaries are marked with orange/pink flagging tape, and the 290 foot elevation is marked with blue tape. You must build your home above this line.

If you want to see the Island Creek lakefront property from the water, or just take a ride around the lake, please call 704-343-5110. The lake is over two miles long and has over eight miles of shoreline. It is much easier to appreciate the tranquility and scope of it from the water.

Lots for Sale

We currently have 1 out of 17 Island Creek properties for sale, which share about 4,700 feet of shoreline on the northwestern tip of Vance County, NC, and bordered on the north by the VA state line and on the west by Granville County, NC. The lots for sale range in size from 1.6 acres to 6.

Here is a list of each Island Creek property for sale. Please refer to the plat for the lot dimensions. These are our last waterfront lots offered on this beautiful private lake! We have been developing and selling lots and homes since 1993 on this lake. Section I has been sold out, but section II is our final section on this lake:

Lot Number: Acreage: Waterfront: Price:
  • 1
2.87 231 feet $117,000

Plat of the Lots



Each lot in Section II of Lakefront Farms is restricted to assure the peaceful residential nature of the community and your investment. These restrictions have evolved over many years, and we feel that they achieve what is best for each lot owner as well as the community as a whole.

Some of the more important restrictions about our lakefront properties include:

Waterfront Real Estate in Clarksville, VA
Enjoy Our Private Lakefront Property in Clarksville, VA
  1. A 1,600-Square-Foot Minimum Home Size
  2. No Mobile Homes or Double-Wide Trailers (Modular Homes Will Be Allowed Provided They Meet the Architectural Standard)
  3. Architectural Control by Lakefront Farms (Most Any Home Normally Found in a Residential Community Will Be Approved, Which Is Primarily Aimed at Unusual Homes That Might Affect the Values of the Community)
  4. A Prohibition on Unreasonably Loud & Disturbing Noises
  5. No Commercial or Industrial Activities That Are Visible from outside the Home
  6. No Further Subdivision of Any Lot Although a Second or Guest Home May Be Built, Provided It Is Consistent with the Main Home
  7. A Requirement to Join a Property Owners' Association & Pay an Equal Share of the Cost of Maintaining the Access Road & Other Common Facilities after Most of the Lots Have Been Sold

For a complete copy of the restrictions as recorded in the Vance County NC registry of deeds, please click here.