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Rustic and Serene Private Property for Sale in Clarksville, VA

People of all ages have dreams, and many people share the same dream. It’s one of having a place to call their own. Some folks dream of grandiose properties while others are wishing for something more modest. These dreams are different, but they are the same in one fundamental way, they all wish to be property owners.

Lakefront Farms can provide the building blocks for your dreams with amazing pieces of private property for sale in Clarksville, VA. These are parcels of land that are sure to fit nicely into the plans and visions of any prospective landowner.

What’s not to like about multi-acre lots that are either peppered with mature hardwood stands or that offer vistas of young timber or open pasture land? Let your tastes be your guide to help you decide which parcel is the one you wish to call home.

One of the main drawing cards of the land we offer is the privacy of each lot. They are set apart, so you can enjoy the peace you seek, but they are not isolated and remote. These lots occupy a desirable area where you can bask in the seclusion but not suffer the hardships that come from being far removed from the conveniences you need. The lots are minutes from several small towns and less than an hour from larger cities.

A Source of Everlasting Relaxation

 There’s something special and very powerful about living near the water. The gentle lapping of the waves and the reflection of the setting sun as it explodes into thousands of crystals of light make every day a treasure. It’s calming and relaxing to sit and gaze out across the water, but it’s also dynamic. Each day at your lakefront real estate will deliver a new view to you as the water responds to changes in the weather and conditions. 

Your private lot will range in size from two to eight acres depending on which body of water you prefer to live by. 

Fresh Air and Exercise are Yours to Enjoy

Your private home site is going to provide all the fresh air and outdoor enjoyment that you could possibly desire. These rustic plots of land are a paradise for birdwatchers and hikers and people seeking space to grow. You will find it all here when you make Lakefront Farms the address you’ve been seeking for your dream property.

Reach out to learn more about the private lakefront property we offer. We are proud to work with clients who wish to live in the beautiful area of Clarksville, VA.